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Staff of Ankhasuo High School

As per the latest government data available with Citizens’ Inititative for Development and Empowerment (CIDE), there are 10 staff working at Ankhasuo High School. Official data shows that there are 125 students for the current academic year.



  • So what is the use of all this useless staffs? They don’t post on their centres. They rather contribute a little amount for the proxy teachers. And that also regularly irregular. All these factors deteriorate our qualitative education of phezawl dist. The one which we talk about (Ankhasuo High School) is currently close, for, which created a massive hurdles to the ongoing students who are presently studying for the acedamic year 2018-2019. Can’t anyone help us out, we want to go classes, we want our shool open and we want to have education. The students cried!

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