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Pherzawl DC, DLOs gear up for upcoming Independence Day celebrations

Pherzawl District DC Pi Mannuamching on July 24 held a meeting with District Level Officers (DLOs) at her Tuibong Camp Office in Churachandpur. The officials discussed the upcoming Independence Day celebrations at Pherzawl.

Main points: (English)

  1. Independence Day celebrations will be held at Pherzawl village, the district headquarters.
  2. Friendly football match between Pherzawl Youth Club and District officials. More sporting events may be added if Sports department provide funding.
  3. March Past (competition for students): – First prize: 3000, Second Prize: Rs 2000 and Third Prize: Rs 1000
  4. Appreciation certificates to be awarded to dedicated government officials.
  5. Red Blanket Awards.  (See below document for details)

Main points: (Hmar)

  1. District a Independence Day lawmna prokram phuisui tak chu Pherzawl khuo a hmang ding.
  2. Pherzawl District thawktu le Pherzawl Youth Club haiin friendly football match nei an ta, chun Sports Dept in sum le pai a hung thangui thei chun games lien lem buotsai tum a nih.
  3. School student hai tadingin March Past inelna um a ta; Lawmman Pakhatna: Rs 3000, Lawmman Pahnina: Rs 2000, Lawmman Pathumna: Rs 1000 ning a tih.
  4. Sorkar thawtu ringum le sinthaw tha hai certificate pek ning an tih.
  5. Red Blanket Awards sem ni bawk a tih.



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