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Healthy Baby Competition for first time in Pherzawl District on Nov 19

Healthy Baby Competition will be held at Pherzawl, the District HQ of Pherzawl District, on November 19, 2018, at 10.30 am onwards.

The event is being organised by State Health Society of Manipur. Comperltition will be held in three categories viz Category I (6 to 11 months), Category II (12 to 23 months) and Category III (24 to 35 months). Three winners will be selected from each category. First prize winners from each category will also participate at the State level on November 22 to be held at Imphal. Travel allowance for the state level will be paid to the Pherzawl District.

The Official Notice in English and details in HMAR is given below:

Naute Hrisel Inelna um ding

Pherzawl District HQ Pherzawl ah hung tlung ding November 19, 2018, hin district level Naute Hrisel Inelna a um ding a ni a. Hi inelna hi pathum a țhe a ni a, lawmman pathum pei um a tih. Lawmman ding chu Rs 3000, 2000 le 1000 ni’ng a ta. Hi taka a pakhatna la hai po chu State Level inelna Imphal ah November 22 hin an țhang thei ding a nih. Imphal fena kalman ding chu Pherzawl District in tum a tih.

Immunisation card/Mother and Child Protection Card le Naute in document a nei pakhat tak chawi ding a nih.


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