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Pherzawl District level officers and other officials

These are the district level officers of Pherzawl District and their phone numbers as on July 16, 2018.

Designation: Deputy Commissioner
Contact: 9862159042

2. Mohemed Jackiruddin
Designation: Superintendent of Police
Contact: 9862321015

3. Thianlaljoy Gangte
Designation: ADC, Pherzawl
Contact: 8732066037

4. L Thomson
Designation: SDC, Pherzawl
Contact: 8974725084

5. Lamminlal Simte
Designation: SDO/BDO, Thanlon
Contact: 9862759321

6. Derick L Khawbung
Designation: SDO/BDO, Vangai Range
Contact: 8131068912

7. Lalsuong Gangte
Designation: SDO/BDO, Parbung
Contact: 8837487045

8. Liankhawzam Guite
Designation: CMO, Pherzawl
Contact: 8131928565

9. Priyokumar Singh
Designation: EE, PHED
Contact: 8794862472

10. L Priyobarta Singh
Designation: EE, PHED
Contact: 7005608416

Designation: ZEO, Pherzawl
Contact: 9402415904

12. T Thangchinlian
Designation: DFO, Forest Dept
Contact: 9402882126

13. Laisangbam Suvalakshmi
Designation: CDPO, Vangai Range
Contact: 9612351390

14. Inaotombi
Designation: CDPO, Parbung
Contact: 9862051290

15. Ksh Radharani
Designation: CDPO, Thanlon
Contact: 8131867443

16. Th Ibemcha Devi
Designation: Project Manager Handlooms
Contact: NA

17. Dr Phirthanglien Buhril
Designation: DMO, Pherzawl
Contact: NA

18. Thangthatling Sinate
Designation: Co-ordinator, Swachh Bharat Mission, Pherzawl District
Contact: 7085186480

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